Aeterna Gallery, Los Angeles announces the forthcoming photographic exhibition by London, United Kingdom photographer Paula Harrowing. 100 extraordinary photographs + an evocative London soundscape recorded by Paul Allard to help you tread in the photographers' footsteps around the streets of London. 9 April - 21May 2016

Un flâneur – a person who strolls

“My view of London is perhaps not the obvious. I love the stories that I find left behind as I walk through the city.” Paula Harrowing

Through her photography she has captured the fragments of a disappearing London still occasionally peeping through a gentrified canvas of property developments and corporate global branding. Many of her photographs provide a documentary of London’s under-culture, the filth, the humor and the eccentricities that weave together the complex layers of British Society.

A co-founder of an HIV Aids charity and once nightclub promoter Paula , has an extraordinary ability to seek out imagined stories through the lens of her camera and iPhone.

“The slaughter of the public cigarette ashtrays spewing their contents onto the pavements , street art , the impact of gentrification together with the fading glory of a city those ghosts still inhabit the dark alley are beautifully combined with the still vibrant and extraordinarily colorful characters of a London rapidly disappearing.

Paula Harrowing

Exhibitions: 2009 solo: Rise Up - The House Of Blueeyes: working with stylist Johnny Blueeyes and his creative team, House Of Blueeyes collection of images from the past year with the creative team that are HOBE @Digitaria, Berwick St, London;
2009 solo: Shuktara, Kolkata, India: the magic that are the young people of charity Shuktara - Soho Theatre London.
2010 group: We Don't Own It - A moment captured over 100 days from May to August 2010 by 5 different artists working within different areas of the Arts at The Cottage, Laban, Creekside SE1;
2012 group: Tweet-Me-Up with Tracey Moberly, Tate Modern, London - a collection of different artists from installation and sculpture of social media and remote participation held in the Tanks.
2012 group: Label with with Tracey Moberly Tate Modern London - a collection of photographic responses to the themes of 'family'
Present Projects: ‘A year for Sale’ – a year’s collaboration and collation of 2 images a day started September 2014 with Tracey Moberly, exhibition tbc

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Available prints listed below, please email us to arrange to purchase

8x8 Prints edition of 10, Numbered Signed and Framed $75 each
No Fish Today The Filth And The Fury If We Could Turn Back Time His and Hers Shoreditch High Street Fags
Return To Sender Daisy Dirty Old Town Non Stop Erotica The Laughter Behind The Eyes The Things We Left Behind
Four Candles My Beautiful Laundrette I Just Believe In Me You're Off Your Face Dreaming Of Waterloo Sunsets Sex & Drugs & Rock n' Roll
I Want To Be Just Like You The Boozer Did You Forget Yourself Let Me Tell You About The War Cockney Rebel Beyond Salvage
Stiff Cock Imma ruin you berk Take Me To The River Harold Last Orders Change Is The Only Certain Thing
Steptoe's Yard Soho Fade To Grey The Finest Cake Before I Die Lover or Hater
Come On In Brixton Leisure Brixton's Boy The Old Curiosity Shoppe That's What Happens To Party Girls Blue Lines
I Wander LonelyStreets No-One Gets Out Alive Butch In Memory Of When I Gave A Fuck New Booots & Panties Angel Wings
Commit No Nuisance Who Killed Bambi? The Finger Waiting Trois Garcons I Want To Be Adored
12x12 Prints edition of 10, Numbered Signed and Framed $145 each
Blast That Ghetto British Ball Dog You Lift My Spirits Queen Of Diamonds Waiting Room Polly
It's A Gas Gas Gas Never Let A Man Drag you So Low The Iron Lady Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl 1984 $21 In My Hand
Love Is Key Don't Waste Your Tears        
6x4 Prints edition of 10, Numbered Signed and Framed $45 each
Public Baths Clerkenwell California Dreaming Hey Bulldog Battersea SW11
11x14 Prints edition of 10, Numbered Signed and Framed $175 each
Bum - Bum Eat The Rich    
10x8 Prints edition of 10, Numbered Signed and Framed $145 each
Foxy Wolf

Off With Her Head

Take Courage Portobello Road Foxy Lady Trellick Tower London W10
The Ten Bells, Spitalfields, London E1 Columbia Road, London E2 Borough Market, London SE1 Anti-Capitalist March, May 2014
10x8 Prints edition of 10, Numbered Signed and Framed $145 each
Borough High Street, London SE1 Banksy, London SE1 Fournier Street, London E1 Who's Behind The Mask?
Pie & Mash, London SE11 FKA Twigs Rabbit Pianist Inequality Street, London E8
Lazy Sunday Afternoon Frida    

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